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vibrating conveyor feeding in use process must always check the following
Author: admin Time: 2011-10-18
Vibrating Conveyor feeding  in use process must always check the following
(1) examined the feeder and the vibration amplitude, amplitude limit value shall not exceed the feeder design.
(2) check the main vibration rubber spring if there is crack.
(3) check the isolation spring if there is crack.
(4) check the fastening bolts are loose.
(5) to check whether there is abnormal sound of motor in operation.
2 feeder in early operation period of a week, must be inspected daily and tighten all the connecting bolts, a week later, can be every day to check and tighten again, until the stable operation of equipment.
3 Motor repair and maintenance according to the motor with the instruction manual.
4 double mass vibration feeder operation procedures
(1) feeder mounted and vibration motor wiring, type XZG to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, to avoid the boot after the personal and equipment accident, confirmed all bolts, reliable equipment grounding, can boot.
(2) feeder for no-load running time is too long, 30 minutes after shutdown, will all bolt a, later to be checked regularly, ensure timely found loose fastening, the vibrating motor and equipment connected.
(3) in the adjustment of feeding amount, can adopt the following methods.
a adjusted to increase the exciting force of the vibrating motor.
b Adjustment tank hanging length, the trough along the feeding direction slope down, tilted at the angle of typically 0 - 140 range, according to the different material natural angle of repose, to automatically run the material principle.